Publication – « Debating medieval Europe. The early Middle Ages, c. 450–c. 1050 », ed. Stephen Mossman

Debating medieval Europe serves as an entry point for studying and teaching medieval history. Rather than simply presenting foundational knowledge or introducing sources, it provides the reader with frameworks for understanding the distinctive historiography of the period, digging beneath the historical accounts provided by other textbooks to expose the contested foundations of apparently settled narratives. It opens a space for discussion and debate, as well as providing essential context for the sometimes overwhelming abundance of specialist scholarship.

Volume I addresses the early Middle Ages, covering the period c. 450-c. 1050. The chapters are organised chronologically, and cover such topics as the Carolingian Order, England and the ‘Atlantic Archipelago’, the Vikings and Ottonian Germany. It features a highly distinguished selection of medieval historians, including Paul Fouracre and Janet L. Nelson.

Stephen Mossman is Senior Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Manchester

Table des matières :

How to use this book: a guide for students – Stephen Mossman
1 The transformation of the Roman world, c. 450-c. 550 – Craig H. Caldwell III
2 The Successor States, 550-750 – Paul Fouracre
3 The Carolingian moment – Janet L. Nelson
4 Translatio imperii: Ottonian Germany – T. J. H. McCarthy
5 Feudal revolution? Transformations around the year 1000 – Paul Fouracre
6 Vikings and the ‘age of iron’ in the North Sea – Charles Insley
7 Early medieval Spain, 800-1100: the Christian kingdoms and al-Andalus – Robert Portass
8 England and the Atlantic Archipelago from Alfred to the Norman Conquest – Charles Insley
9 The Norman world, c. 1000-c. 1100 – Paul Oldfield

Informations pratiques :

Debating medieval Europe. The early Middle Ages, c. 450–c. 1050, ed. Stephen Mossman, Manchester University Press, 2020. 320 p. ISBN : 978-1-5261-1733-5. Prix : 18,99 £.

Source : Manchester University Press

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