Journée d’étude – Extraction and distribution of forest resources in Pre-modern Europe

18 June 2021 online.
Conference programme (All times London BST – UTC+1:00). All papers will be delivered in English.

Programme :

9.00-9.15: Introduction/welcome (Mark Whelan)

Session 1: Wax and the Hansa
Chair: Mark Whelan (KCL)

9.15-9.30: Cezary Kardasz (Towarzystwo Naukowe w Toruniu): Wax exports from the Baltic zone in the 14th – early 16th centuries
9.30-9.45: Anna Paulina Orłowska (Tadeusz Manteuffel’s Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences): The infrastructure of wax processing in Eastern Europe or how to put together the work of 50 million bees

Discussion: 9.45-10.00

Session 2: Wood, timber and charcoal in context
Chair: Roser Salicrú (IMF-CSIC Barcelona)

10.00-10.15: Xavier Soldevila (independent): Charcoal and timber production and trade in the Viscounty of Cabrera (14th and 15th Centuries)
10.15-10.30: Pol Junyent (IMF-CSIC Barcelona/CAIMMed): From the forest to the shipyards. Logging, shipment, and timber markets for shipbuilding in the Crown of Aragon (14th-15th centuries)
Discussion: 10.30-10.45
Break: 10.45-11.15

11.15-11.30: Krzysztof Szewczyk (Polish Academy of Sciences): Charcoal burning in northern Poland in the pre-industrial era
11.30 – 11.45: Francesco Salvestrini (Università degli Studi Firenze): Planting, cutting and transporting construction timber in Medieval Tuscany (13th-16th centuries)
Morning final discussion: 11.45-12.15
Break 12.15-14.30

Session 3: Ecology and forests in Pre-modern Europe
Chair: Albert Reixach (Universitat de Lleida)

14.30-14.45: Andy Ford (University of Reading): Vert versus Venison: Trees in the English Royal Forest, 1227-72
14.45-15.00: Dominik Róg (Catholic University of Lublin): Forest settlements of the Solska Forest – human and landscape
15.00-15.15: Paweł Swoboda and Michał Słowiński (Polish Academy of Sciences): Past use of the forest and its resources reflected in Polish toponymy
Discussion: 15.15-15.30

Session 4: Other forest products (plants and fruits)
Chair: Lluís Sales i Favà (KCL)

15.30-15.45: Albert Reixach (Universitat de Lleida): Dye plants and other raw vegetal materials for the cloth industry in Late Medieval Catalonia: from imports to crop specialization
15.45-16.00: Marta Sancho (Universitat de Barcelona): Exploitation and use of leaves, flowers, fruits, roots and fibres in the Middle Ages in the Mediterranean context
Discussion: 16.00-16.15

16.15-16.30: Final conclusions (Lluís Sales i Favà)

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