Colloque – 45th Battle Conference on Anglo-Norman Studies

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany,
21 to 25 July 2022

And online via zoom

To register your interest and to receive joining instructions via zoom email:

Please Note: There will be 10 postgraduate bursaries, €200 each, administered by the University of Bonn. Please contact Dr Alheydis Plassmann at for further details.

Deadline TBC @ 5pm CEST

There will also be three Muriel Brown scholarships offered by the Allen Brown memorial Trust, £700 each. Please email the secretary of the Allen Brown Memorial Trust, Ms Caroline Palmer, at for further details.

Deadline 16 May 2022 @ 5pm BST

Applicants for both the Muriel Brown and the Bonn bursaries should send a short account (not more than 300 words) of their research topic, explaining its significance in the field of Anglo-Norman Studies. They should also give their

  • Name, postal and email addresses, and telephone number
  • thesis title and level (master’s or doctoral), and whether full or part-time
  • university and department
  • supervisor’s name

The applicant’s supervisor should also provide an endorsement separately, explaining why attendance at the conference would be helpful at this stage in their research.

Applicants may apply to

The poster session for postgraduate researchers will again be an important part of the conference. If you are interested in submitting a poster, please contact Dr Leonie Hicks here

Deadline 13 June 2022 @ 5pm BST

There is no Registration fee this year, but delegates attending the Bonn conference must still register. Please email the director:

Deadline 1 July 2022

Delegates will arrange their own travel (advice given below) and accommodation (suggestions for which will be circulated later).

The hire of the seminar rooms, coffees, and lunches, as well as the trips to Cologne and Schwarzrheindorf will be met by the generosity of the University of Bonn.

Delegates will be required to pay for their own dinners, though the locations have been booked. More details to follow.

Programme :

Thursday 21 July: Arrival

Please note that all times are CEST

5.15 Welcome and opening remarks by the director

530-630 The Allen Brown Memorial Lecture:
Dr Alheydis Plassmann, ‘William of Malmesbury, the Gesta Stephani and the idea of successful and good rule in the 12th century’.
Chair: Elisabeth van Houts, chair of the Allen Brown Memorial Trust

630      Reception

Friday 22 July

9.15- 10.30 Steven Vanderputten, ‘Community Building and Reform in the Life of John of Gorze’.

10-30-11 Coffee

11-12.15  The Christine Mahaney Memorial Lecture

            Rory Naismith, ‘The Moneyers and Domesday Book’.

12.15-1.30 Lunch

1.30 – 2.30 Poster session

2.45- 4 Laura Wangerin, ‘Communications and Power: Ottonian Queenship’.

4-4.30 Coffee

4.30-5.45 Laura Cleaver, ‘Visualisations of the Holy Roman Empire in England c. 1154-1272’.

7 Dinner

Saturday 23 July: Field trips. No formal papers today.

Depart 9 am St. Gereon’s Basilica, Cologne, by Hanna Jacobs, 10-12

Bonn: lunch at the conference centre and Mittagsschläfchen.

Depart 3.30 to Schwarzrheindorf Church, 4-6

Dinner from 7.

Sunday 24 July: A full day of papers

9.15-10.30 Julia Crick, ‘Beyond the Anglo-Norman realm: continental influence in the making of Exon Domesday.’

10.30-11 Coffee

11-12.15 The Marjorie Chibnall Memorial Lecture
Laura Bailey, ‘The spaces of exile in the Gesta Herewardi and Fouke le Fitz Waryn’.
Chair: Chris Lewis

12.15-2.00 Lunch

2.-3.15 The Des Seal Memorial Lecture:
Megan Welton, ‘Empty Honorifics? Interpreting Titles of Female Rulers Around the Turn of the First Millennium’

3.15-3.45 Coffee

3.45-5 Andrea Stieldorf, ‘Seals, coins and the exchange of imagination and images’.

5.30 pm Reception

7 pm Dinner

Monday 25 July

9.15-.10.30 Elisabeth van Houts, ‘Matilda in the Empire, 1110-1125’,
Chair: Alheydis Plassmann

10.30-11 Coffee

11.12.15 Ben Pohl – ‘A reluctant historian and his craft: the scribal work of Andreas of Marchiennes reconsidered’.
Chair: The director

Lunch and then Bonner Munster by Alheydis Plassmann or depart.

Stay night of 25th.

How to reach Bonn:


Dusseldorf, then take the local train RE 5 from Dusseldorf Airport to Bonn Main Station. The RE 5 runs once every hour and the journey takes a little more than an hour. Or take any local train from Dusseldorf Airport to Dusseldorf Main Station and take a faster train to Bonn from there (but it’s not really worth the trouble). From Bonn Main Station it’s about a 10 minutes’ walk to the hotel.

Frankfurt, then take the ICE from Frankfurt Airport to Siegburg/Bonn (about an hour). In Siegburg take the local tram 66. If you descend at Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz you are directly at the hotel.

Cologne/Bonn: take the local bus SB 60 to Bonn main station. The journey takes about half an hour depending on traffic on the autobahn.


This doesn’t take as long as you would expect: From the UK you can take the Eurostar to Bruxelles-Sud and change there for further connectiond, either to the Thalys or an ICE to Cologne.

From France take the Thalys at Gare du Nord.

At Cologne main station change to any of the local trains (e.g. the RE 5). The journey Cologne – Bonn takes another half hour. Be careful about the return journey though: You have to be in Bruxelles about 30 minutes before the Eurostar leaves, better before that. Unfortunately, you must buy the individual tickets.

Cologne-Bonn has very good connections, so if you can’t book a train to Bonn, take Cologne.

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