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Constance of France: Womanhood and Agency in Twelfth-Century Europe is a biography of Constance of France, sister of King Louis VII of France. Myra Bom recovers Constance’s life story and puts it in its medieval context by examining the historical evidence of chronicles, charters, seal imprints and letters. The countess’s long and interesting life makes for women’s history with a large geographical scope, including France, England, Toulouse and the Latin East. It touches on many aspects of life during the Middle Ages such as birth, marriage and divorce, gender roles, experience of time, and expectation for the afterlife. Bom demonstrates how and to what extent medieval women could, and did, take control of their own lives. This book is an account of the interplay of historical context and agency. 

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Myra Miranda Bom, Constance of France. Womanhood and Agency in Twelfth-Century Europe, Londres, Palgrave Macmillan, 2022 ; 1 vol., 316 p. (The New Middle Ages). ISBN : 978-3-031-10428-2. Prix : € 105,99.

Source : Palgrave Macmillan

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