Publication -Medieval and Modern Matters – 5

Medieval and Modern Matters. Archaeology and Material culture in the Low Countries, t. 5, 2016. VIII+163 p., 37 colour ill., 216 x 280 mm. ISBN: 978-2-503-55092-3. Prix : 79 euros.


Table des matières :

Bert Groenewoudt, Roy van Beek & Michel Groothedde, Christianisation and the afterlife of pagan open-air cult sites. Evidence from the northern Frankish frontier
Antoinette Huijbers, House building in the Meuse-Demer-Scheldt region AD 850–1250 explained: a ‘dynamic dual approach’ to the concept of building tradition
R.M.R. (Roos) van Oosten, The ‘great sanitary awakening’ questioned: Is there a solid argument in favour of the ‘filthy Medieval city’ hypothesis?
Marcus A. Roxburgh, Hans D.J. Huisman & Bertil van Os, The Cross & the Crucible: The production of Carolingian disc brooches as objects of religious exchange?
Marit Van Cant, Working to the Bone: a Comparative Health and Occupational Study of the Skeletal Remains from Rural Moorsel (c. ad 1000–1860)

Source : Brepols

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