Podcast – Bruce M.S. Campbell, « The Environmental Origins of the Black Death »

Evening lecture held by Bruce M.S. Campbell (Belfast), 25 February 2016, International Conference „The Crisis of the 14th Century. ‘Teleconnections’ between Environmental and Societal Change?” (German Historical Institute, 24-26 February 2016);Conference report (upcoming) and programme of the conference

Bruce M.S. Campbell (2016), The Great Transition. Climate, Disease and Society in the Late Medieval World, Oxford: Oxford University Press. [forthcoming April 2016]

Copyright of the contents of the videopodcast: Bruce M.S. Campbell (Belfast), Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Video produced with financial support of the German Historical Institute Rome / Max-Weber-Stiftung by DVI99, Roma, with special thanks to Leonardo Birindelli.

Source : Mittelalter.org

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