Colloque – Revisiting the « Europe of Bishops ». Episcopal politics and culture in comparison, 900 – 1100

Thursday 11th – Friday 12th January 2018
University of Liverpool, UK


In 2000, the late Timothy Reuter described millennial Europe as ‘a Europe of bishops’, a patchwork of small episcopal states characterised by their shared institutional culture, frameworks of governance and charismatic leadership. The last decade has witnessed a surge of interest in clerical life and episcopal authority between the demise of the Carolingian Empire and the age of ‘Gregorian reform’. This conference revisits Reuter’s observations in the light of recent advances, inviting scholars to consider the qualities of episcopal office in this period from a comparative perspective. Was that office imagined and performed in the same way across Europe, or was there in fact considerable variation in regional practice? If there was a common episcopal culture, how far did it stretch beyond the core regions of the Latin West?

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Limited places are available for anyone wishing to attend. Please register here, or for any other enquiries, please contact Edward Roberts (

Confirmed speakers

Julia Barrow (Leeds)
Elizabeth Boyle (NUI Maynooth)
Lindy Brady (Mississippi)
Marios Costambeys (Liverpool)
Robert Gallagher (Oxford)
Conrad Leyser (Oxford)
Fraser McNair (Tübingen)
Maroula Perisanidi (Leeds)
Levi Roach (Exeter)
Francesca Tinti (UPV/Ikerbasque)
Giorgia Vocino (Venice)
Charles West (Sheffield)

Source : Europe of Bishops

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