Publication – « Abbots and Abbesses as a Human Resource in the Ninth- to Twelfth-Century West », éd. Steven Vanderputten

This volume provides a record of the response, by eight expert scholars in the field of medieval monastic studies, to the question « To what extent did abbots and abbesses contribute as a `human resource’ to the development of reformed monastic communities in the ninth- to twelfth-century west? » Covering a broad geographical area, papers consider one or several of three key points of interest: the direct contribution of abbots and abbesses to the shaping of reformed realities; their influence over future modes of leadership; and the way in which later generations of monastics relied upon the memory of a leader’s life and achievements to project current realities onto a legitimizing past.

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Steven Vanderputten is a full professor in the History of the Early and High Middle Ages at Ghent University (Belgium). His research is mainly concerned with the social and cultural development of monastic groups in the ninth to twelfth centuries, including such subjects as leadership, identity formation, and reform.

Table des matières :

Steven VANDERPUTTEN, Introduction

Michèle GAILLARD, Abbés et abbesses comme ressources dans les réformes monastiques en Haute-Lotharingie du début du neuvième siècle au milieu du dixième siècle
Katy CUBITT, Abbots as a Human Resource in Benedictine Reform England
Jirki THIBAUT, Intermediary Leadership. The Agency of Abbesses in Ottonian Saxony
Nicolangelo D’ACUNTO, Abbots as Human Resources in Italy During the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries
Carlos REGLERO, Founders and Reformers. Abbots in the Kingdoms of Leon and Navarre, Ninth to Twelfth Centuries
Ben POHL, What Sort of Man Should the Abbot Be? Three Voices from the Norman Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel
Johan BELAEN, The Role of Abbots in the Coordination of Regional Benedictine Monasticism (c. 1130 – c. 1215). New Perspectives and Questions
Gert MELVILLE, The Abbot of Cluny at the Turning Point from the Charismatic- Traditional to Legal Authority. An Analysis referring to Max Weber’s Model

Informations pratiques :

Steven Vanderputten (Ed.), Abbots and Abbesses as a Human Resource in the Ninth- to Twelfth-Century West, LIT Verlag, 2018 (Vita regularis – Ordnungen und Deutungen religiosen Lebens im Mittelalter. Abhandlungen, 74). 184 S., 29.90 EUR, 29.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-91070-7.

Source : LIT Verlag

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