Publication – « The Oxford Handbook of Origen », dir. Ronald E. Heine and Karen Jo Torjesen

This interrogation of Origen’s legacy for the 21st Century returns to old questions built upon each other over eighteen centuries of Origen scholarship-problems of translation and transmission, positioning Origen in the histories of philosophy, theology, and orthodoxy, and defining his philological and exegetical programmes. The essays probe the more reliable sources for Origen’s thought by those who received his legacy and built on it. They focus on understanding how Origen’s legacy was adopted, transformed and transmitted looking at key figures from the fourth century through the Reformation. A section on modern contributions to the understanding of Origen embraces the foundational contributions of Huet, the twentieth century movement to rehabilitate Origen from his status as a heterodox teacher, and finally, the identification in 2012 of twenty-nine anonymous homilies on the Psalms in a codex in Munich as homilies of Origen.

Equally important has been the investigation of Origen’s historical, cultural, and intellectual context. These studies track the processes of appropriation, assimilation and transformation in the formation and transmission of Origen’s legacy. Origen worked at interpreting Scripture throughout his life. There are essays addressing general issues of hermeneutics and his treatment of groups of books from the Biblical canon in commentaries and homilies. Key points of his theology are also addressed in essays that give attention to the fluid environment in which Origen developed his theology. These essays open important paths for students of Origen in the 21st century.

Edited by Ronald E. Heine, Professor Emeritus of Bible and Theology, Bushnell University, USA, and Karen Jo Torjesen, Professor Emerita of Religion, Claremont Graduate University, USA

Table des matières :

Introduction, Karen Jo Torjesen
Part I: Origen in His Contexts
1:The Social History of the Alexandrian Church, Atilla Jacab
2:Origen’s Reworking of the Legacy of Greek Philosophy, Robert Berchman
3:Origen’s Dialogue with Heracleon and the School of Valentinus, Ismo Dunderberg
4:Origen’s Indebtedness to Clement of Alexandria, Annewies van den Hoek
5:Origen’s Use of Philo Judeaus, Justin Rogers
6:Origen’s Dialogue with the Rabbis of Caesarea, Daniel Boyarin
7:Difficulties in Writing a Life of Origen, Arturo Urbano
Part II: Origen and the Hermeneutics
8:Origen’s Biblical Interpretation and Classical Forensic Rhetoric, Geoffrey D. Dunn
9:The Contribution of Bernhard Neuschäfer’s Origenes als Philologe, Gerardo Rodriguez
10:Rethinking the Alexandrian – Antiochian Hermeneutical Antithesis, Frances Young
Part III: Origen and the Bible
11:Origen’s Commentaries on the Old Testament, Maren Niehoff
12:Origen’s Commentaries on the Gospels, Ronald E. Heine
13:Origen’s Pauline Commentaries, Francesca Cocchini
14:Origen’s Homilies on the Bible, Francesco Pieri
Part IV: Origen’s Theology
15:Origen as a Theologian: An Overview, Rebecca Lyman
16:Origen as Apologist for the Christian Faith, Mark Edwards
17:The Hermeneutical Foundations of Origen’s Soteriology, Michael Vlad Niculescu
18:The Three Hypostases in Origen: Proto-Trinitarian Theology, Christian Hengstermann
19:The Development of Origen’s Christology in the Context of Second and Third Century Christologies, Peter Martens
20:Origen’s Theological Anthropology, José Alviar
21:Cosmic Theodicy: Origen’s Treatment of The Problem of Evil, Mark Scott
22:Origen’s Eschatology, John McGuckin
Part V: Receptions of Origen
23:The Transmission of Origenism from Athanasius to the Cappadocians, Andrew Louth
24:Controversies over the legacy of Origen in the fourth through the sixth centuries, Rick Layton
25:Origen’s Influence on Augustine, Michael Cameron
26:The Influence of Origen on Erasmus, Tom Scheck
27:Origen in the Reformation and Renaissance, Andrea Villani
Part VI: Modern Contributions to the Study of Origen
28:The Contribution of Pierre Daniel Huet to the Modern Study of Origen, Elena Rapetti
29:The Discovery of the True Origen by Twentieth Century Scholars, Robert Daly
30:A New Greek Text of Origen’s Homilies on the Psalms: Description and Assessment of Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Cod. graec. 314, Lorenzo Perrone

Informations pratiques :

The Oxford Handbook of Origen, dir. Ronald E. Heine and Karen Jo Torjesen, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2022 (Oxford Handbooks).624 p., 246×171 mm. ISBN: 9780199684038. prix : 110 euros.

Source : Oxford University Press

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