Colloque – „Women Read Differently“ – also in the Middle Ages? Reading Practices in Medieval German Women Convents from the 13th to the 15th Centuries

Thursday, 9 March 2023

10.00 h
10.30 h 10.45
12.15 h

12.1513.30 h 13.3015.00 h

15.0015.30 h 15.3017.00 h

18.30 h


Welcome and Introduction

Session 1

Chair: Racha Kirakosian (Freiburg)
Ann Marie Rasmussen (Waterloo): What is Reading?

Morgan Powell (Zurich): Reading as (a) Woman. Twelfth-Century Foundations of a Gendered Reading Paradigm

Lunch in situ

Session 2

Chair: Markus Stock (Toronto)
Landon Reitz (Cincinnati): Images of a Reading Mystic. Between Practice and


Linus Möllenbrink (Freiburg): The Naked Reader. Mary Magdalene as Image of the Reading Woman

Coffee Break

Session 3

Chair: Racha Kirakosian (Freiburg)
Carolyn Muessig (Calgary): Listening to Women’s Voices in their Written


Patricia Stoop (Antwerp): “Reading the Fruits on the Tree of Life Planted in the Paradise of Holy Scripture”. The Production and Use of Sermons in Female Communities in the Low Countries

Reception in the Carl-Schurz-Haus

Session 4

Chair: Lea von Berg (Freiburg)

Björn Klaus Buschbeck (Zurich): Nuns Travelling with Manuscripts. Book Ownership and the Dominican Observant Reform in Fifteenth-Century Southern Germany

Friday, 10 March 2023 9.0010.30 h

10.30-11.00 h 11.00-11.45 h

12.00-13.30 h 13.3015.00 h

15.3017.00 h

18.30 h

Meret Wüthrich (Freiburg): Reading and Writing in a Freiburg Convent. The Penitents of St. Mary Magdalene and Their Books

Coffee break
Session 4 (continued)

Linus Ubl (Jerusalem): Nicht reformierte Nonnen = nicht lesende Frauen? Eine historiographische Perspektivierung

Lunch in situ

Session 5

Chair: Martina Backes (Freiburg)

Jessica Barr (Amherst): Textual Responses to the Desire of Death. Gendered Notions of Reading and Writing in Commentaries to Beatrice of Nazareth and Marguerite Porete

Lina Herz (Hamburg): Dorothea Schlegel liest Elisabeth von Nassau- Saarbrücken. Oder die Frage nach interfemininer Rezeptionskultur zwischen 1450 und 1805

Cultural Programme: Traces of Reading Women in Freiburg

Option 1: Freiburg Cathedral Option 2: Manuscript Workshop

Conference Dinner

Saturday, 11 March 2023

9.0010.30 h

10.3011.00 h 11.0012.30 h

12.3013.00 h

Session 6

Chair: Mareike E. Reisch (Stanford/Freiburg)
Claire Taylor Jones (Notre Dame): Women’s Liturgical Reading. The

“Regensburg Lectionary”, Oxford, Keble College, MS 49

Almut M.V. Suerbaum (Oxford): Song Production as Creative Reading. Late- medieval Religious Songs for and by Women

Coffee Break

Session 7

Chair: Michael Stolz (Bern)
Eva Schlotheuber (Dusseldorf): Communicating with the Pencil. The Letter

Culture of Northern German Nuns

Sara S. Poor (Princeton): Reading St. Catherine. Kunigund Niklasin’s Reboot of the Catherine Miracles in SBB, Msc Hist 154

Concluding Words

Source : Université de Zurich

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