Appel à contribution – Supernatural Aid in Medieval Warfare

Supernatural Aid in Medieval Warfare, 4 vols. Trivent Publishing

The issue of supernatural aid in medieval warfare came into its own with the now classic study Der Heilige als Schlachtenhelfer by František Graus. Since then, much has been said on the subject. However, the studies to date have mostly been restrictive and produced in isolation within local scholarships and in native languages. The goal of the proposed set of four volumes is to collect studies that together will provide the most comprehensive and all-encompassing picture of the issue treated both as a phenomenon embedded in religious and social culture but also as a changing motif in historical and hagiographical writing.

Those interested in contributing to this project are asked to submit an abstract for a chapter proposal (up to 400 words) along with a short biographical note to the editors of the respective volumes. Proposals are due on 20 April 2023.

• Writing Divine Assistance in War, edited by Tomasz Pełech (University of Warsaw)
• Holy Men at War: Latin West, the Mediterranean, and the Near East! edited by Javier Albarrán (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
• Saints at War: Slavic Lands and South Eastern Europe! edited by Boris Stojkovski (University of Novi Sad)
• Saints at War: Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic, edited by Francesco D’Angelo (Università degli Studi « La Sapienza » di Roma)
Volumes will be published within a series “Religion and War in the Middle Ages”, Trivent Publishing

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